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Photos and Physios!

Fundraising events, supporting the local community, have been very much at the forefront of our activities over the past two months. Thanks to Michael Thomas and his team at Worcester Racecourse, we had a post-race collection at the Pershore Plum Race Night and raised over £300 for the Midlands Air Ambulance. Our champagne tombola stall at the Plum Festival raised over £800 for our charities.

The first of our two spectacular charity events delighted and fascinated all those lucky enough to be at Pershore’s Number 8 on 2 September. Our audience with ‘Royal’ photographer, Jack Boskett,,was captivating. His photographs, videos and stories, covering his theme ‘From Railways to Royalty and Everything In Between’, were of the highest quality. During the interval Sandra Taylor, representing the Midlands Air Ambulance, gave an update on the air ambulance’s activities and the cost of keeping its helicopters and vehicles operational.

Thanks to the generosity of the local community, Pershore Rotary donated £3,000 to ShelterBox in 2022/23. Funds came from street collections in Pershore for Ukraine refugees and victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. ShelterBox was founded by Rotary in 2000 and provides emergency shelter items for communities after disasters. ShelterBox gave Pershore Rotary a bronze award for this achievement.

One of our Rotarians recently broke the top of her tibia and had to wear a brace on her leg for three months. When the brace was removed, she was told that it could not be recycled. After some research, she discovered PhysioNet, a charity that collects redundant physio equipment and transports them to countries where they are needed. Pershore Rotary has adopted the project and plans to collect redundant equipment from the local area. If readers have any equipment to donate, please email with your name, tel no and brief description. We will then contact you. Further information on the charity can be found at

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