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Pershore Rotary Grant Scheme (PRoGS)

What was PRoGS


PROGS was founded in 2015 to be a fund set aside by The Rotary Club of Pershore to support small to medium funding requirements from local people or local community clubs and charities to be able to do more.

​Because we felt that the conditions specified to receive grants were not flexible enough, we decided that when the funds had been fully used up we would close the fund, and we closed the fund in 2022.

If you are looking for grants, individually or as a recognised organisation, then we may still be able to help you out. Please contact the secretary (details at the bottom of this page).


£250 for a special walking aid

The Community Physiotherapy department of Worcestershire Heath and Care asked for help for 

a patient of theirs with Parkinson’s disease and living in a care home. She had had numerous falls in the past and is unable to walk without an aid, but this new U-Step unique walking aid specifically designed for people with Parkinson’s has helped her feel much safer.

Image provided by Worcester NHS Health Trust and used with their permission.

Neptune 1.jpg

£1,000 for Project Neptune

Project Nepture was developed in 2018 to re-purpose "Neptune" a historic wide bodied canal boat, to deliver a whole new range of recreational opportunities, focusing especially on young people.

The PROGS grant is helping the Avon Navigation Trust to create full facilities including classroom, kitchen, toilet, shower and changing area. 

Image provided by Avon Navigation Trust and used with their permission.

Readers desk.jpg

£390 for talking newspaper

The Pershore Talking Newspaper needed new USB sticks for the distribution of the newsletter.

Pershore Talking Newspaper provides those who are print-disabled with fortnightly recordings of local news and also provides, when necessary, equipment on which the recordings can be played (Boomboxes).

Image of volunteers recording the newsletter provided by Pershore Talking Newspaper and used with their permission.

Pershore Rotary made 26 PRoGS grants totalling £8,674 between 2016 and 2022


  • £100 to Mobility Trust towards an electric scooter for disabled user in a care home

  • £250 to Pershore Scouts to equip the kitchen in their new scout hut

  • £100 to a Scout to go to the international "Scout Moot"


  • £250 to Pershore Junior Rugby training and development camp

  • £100 to POPET for musical instruments to enable them to continue entertaining in care homes

  • £100 to Project Trust to enable Pershore High School leaver to do long term voluntary work overseas

  • £100 to Pershore High School leaver to do voluntary work in Uganda

  • £100 to Pershore High School leaver to do voluntary work in Romania

  • £159 to Indy Mobility for two disability walking aids


  • £50 to Pershore Foodbank for euqipment and shelving

  • £250 Pershore Junior Rugby training and development camp

  • £50 to St. Peter's Church for their dementia café

  • £250 to Cropthorne and Charlton School for their playground refurbishment

  • £250 for a specialist disability walking aid


  • £250 for a special competition disability tennis wheelchair 

  • £1,000 to Pershore Tennis Centre for two disabilty sports wheelchairs

  • £168 to Pershore Talking Newspaper for new distribution folders

  • £250 to VSO international for a Pershore High School leaver to do long term voluntary work overseas

  • £1,000 to Avon Navigation Trust for the Project Neptune Floating Classroom


  • £1,000 to Pershore Foodbank to cope with extra demand during COVID lockdown


  • £1,000 to Riverside Centre for equipment in the youth chill-out room

  • £250 to Frienbds of Avon Meadows to rebuild vandalised bird hide

  • £285 to South Worcs Lifeguards for life saving equipment at Pershore Pool

  • £250 to Pershore Cricket Club to Extend their Cricket Nets

  • £750 to Holy Redeemer School to support the costs of ‘Presentations by the Royal Institution’ to raise science awareness 


  • £390 to Pershore Talking Newspaper for new USB sticks for newspaper distribution

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