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Humanitarian Appeal for Ukraine Refugees

The background to this appeal is that Lorraine of North Cotswolds Rotary has been regularly sending aid to Ukraine via Poland and had space in a lorry leaving on Monday, 20 March. We received an urgent appeal from D1100 late on Tuesday, 14 March for personal hygiene toiletries and tinned food. The appeal was circulated to all members.

Early Wednesday morning, Jo Taylor and her daughter, Maria Bayliss, Ann Sheridan, David Wickins and Alan Tromans swung into action and bought large quantities of toiletries from Boots which were delivered by Alan on Thursday to North Cotswolds Rotary. Jonathan Sington made a second run taking another load over the weekend. Just goes to show what can be done in 48 hours!

We are very grateful to Boots UK and other Pershore shops who supported this appeal and particularly to Jo’s daughter and the Pershore Rotarians who reacted quickly to the appeal, then collected and delivered the supplies to North Cotswolds Rotary. The photos show Maria and Alan’s car fully laden and a range of other donations.

Monday’s delivery will be North Cotswold Rotary’s 22nd shipment and, in addition to our donations, will have 14 generators on board. Alan says that there is much that we have lying around that can be donated, such as an old Z bed he found at home. Lorraine has told him that it will go to a bomb shelter in Kiev. So check your lofts and see if there’s anything there that might be useful. Lorraine is already planning the next load which will include more generators and hospital beds.

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