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George raises £500 for Ukraine

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

This is George, who has single-handedly (well with a bit of help from Mick, his Dad) raised nearly £500 over the last two weekends to help Ukrainian Refugees.

All his idea, to do his bit to help, George set up his stall in ASDA forecourt on Sunday 13th, and raised £142.56 selling Ukraine Ribbons (the latest "must have" please) that he made himself, and daffodils that he has raised himself.

George has a special reason to do this. Not just seeing all the pictures of refugees, George's grandfather was Ukrainian and stayed in England after the second world war. So George has an afilliation with Ukraine and, of course, relations still there.

This is George's Dad, Mick. This week, George, not being satisfied with raising the £142.56, set out his stall again at ASDA on Sunday 20th, and this time raised a staggering £341.74, bringing his total over two weekends to £482.80.

Oh, and now it's up to £487.50 because one of George's teachers sent him home with another £5 today!

George and Mick have donated their collections to the Pershore Rotary Ukraine appeal, and that brings the Pershore total to close on £5,000.

George and Mick are planning on more days collecting, so keep an eye open for them.

£3,000 is already working in the Ukraine with DEC and Shelterbox (see our other news items), and the remainder (including George's contribution) will be following in the next few days to assist the refugees.

George and Mick together (photo taken by Mum)

All photos by kind permission of Mick.

If you would like to contribute still to the Pershore Rotary Ukraine appeal, you can do so at

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