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Johns' Boys Choir at Pershore Abbey

Updated: Jun 4

Having seen them winning the Llangollen Eisteddfod, Jonathan Sington of Pershore Rotary has signed up Johns' Boys for a concert at Pershore Abbey on Saturday 9th September, with all the proceeds going to The Alzheimer's Society.

We had planned to have Johns' Boys at Pershore Abbey in June, but Johns' Boys asked us to delay the concert because "something had come up". What that "something" was, turned out to be Johns' Boys appearing in "Britain's Got Talent".

Our disappointment at not having them in June has been made up for by being able to say "As seen on ITV's Britain's Got Talent", so now is your chance to see and hear them for a full evening's programme.

Ticket's (£20 in the Nave and £15 in the side aisles) will be on sale to the public from Saturday 15th July.

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