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Pershore Rotary Tree of Remembrance

The 2022 Tree of Remembrance

Mahatma Ghandi wrote ‘You don’t know who is important in life until you actually lose them’, and we’ve lost many dear loved ones in recent years.

This year's Rotary President Richard Lees said "I do hope that the People of Pershore will be able to rise above everything that seems to have hit us during 2021. Pershore did just that when we responded to the appeal to help Ukraine and raised over £5,000. This Christmas, the Tree of Remembrance Appeal raised nearly £4,000 and £1,320 has been donated to each of Acorns Children's Hospice, Alzheimer's Society and St. Richard's Hospice. Thank you Pershore!" 

The History


The Pershore Rotary Tree has been an annual event since the start of the millenium. Since 2000 it has raised well over £50,000 due to the generosity of the people of Pershore, who have given in memory of loved ones.

Formerly called the "Tree of Lights" it was renamed the "Pershore Rotary Tree of Remembrance" in 2020, when so many livs were lost to Covid 19.

From October up until Christmas, Pershore Rotary Club collect the donations and publish the list of names remembered. Initially it started with cash street collections, but then we started collecting through newspaper forms as well. In 2014 we started collecting online as well. The newspaper forms and online also allowed us to collect Gift Aid to boost the amount.

Each year we nominate charities to receive the collections, and Acorns Childrens Hospice, St. Richard's Hospice and Midland Air Ambulance are regular beneficiaries of the collections.

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