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2023 Book of Remembrance


Please Remember

Christopher Annis

Lilian Austin

Harold Badger

Mary Badger

Stephen Badger

Julia Barber

Dennis Bent

Olive Bent

William Bird

Friends & family Boniface

Jim Brown

Mark Chapman

Simone Clark

Kathleen Corby

Maddy Corby

Bernard Cresswell

David Cresswell

Eileen  Cross

Edward Cross

John Cummins

Inga Cummins

Shaun Dufty

Geoffrey Edwards

Kenneth Felstead

Sylvia Felstead

David Finch

Margaret  Flude

Ian Flude

William Ford

Ian Gardner

Pat Gardner

Ian Gerrard

Lindsay Gerrard

Geraldine Green

Marie Grew

Albert Grew

Matt Hagley

Bay Hague

Glayds  Hemming

Peg  Hemming

John Hemming

Liz Hemming

Kath Higgs

Bill Higgs

Ann Jenkins

don Lloyd

Edith Marchant

Walter Marchant

Mary-Jane Marsey

Mary Mason

Brian Maynard

Majorie Maynard

Gerald Maynard

Geoff Murray

Tim Nelson Parker

Joan Pittaway

Tom Prosser

Garth  Raymer

Jean Rutter

Derek Rutter

Gary Sallis

Edward Simms

Edward Simms

John Stephens

Primrose Stephens

Ian Stokes

Theresa Thomas

Frank Thould

Mary Tucker

Fred Twigg

Mary  Twigg

Gerald Webb

Paul Whitehouse

Carole Winship

Michael Winship

George  Wood

Annabel Young

Our apologies for delays in posting names on this page. Many of the delays at the moment are caused by delays in the Postal Service. In addition, the names on this page are updated manually to ensure that there is no automatic posting of unsuitable material on the page. Please bear with us.

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