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2022 Book of Remembrance


Please Remember

"All our Parents"
John (Jack) Alderson
Catherine Amies
Elisabeth Amies
Christopher Annis
Emmeline Aston
Lilian Austin
Harold Badger
Mary Badger
Stephen Badger
Dennis Bent
Olive Bent
Rose Birch
Elmer Birmingham
Shelia Birmingham
Susan Boardman
George Bowles
Winifred Bowles
Norman Bradstock
Millie Brant
Reuben Brant
Jim Brown
Annette Buxton
Brenda Carson
John J StL Carson
Fred Cheshire
Lily Cheshire
Pamela Kathleen Compton
Gordon Davis
Ronald Day
G V Drew
John Edmunds
Graham Edwards
David Fallon
Ro Farr
Kenneth Felstead
Sylvia Felstead
Ian Flude
Margaret Flude
William Ford
Keith Gale
Ian Gardner
Pat Gardner
Roy Gill
Deirdre Godwin
Fred Gould
Ruby Gould
Ben Green
Bryan Green
Geraldine Green
Ray Green
Ray Griffiths
Geoffrey Halls
David Harber
Ron Harber
Vera Harber
Robin Harding
Cliff Heeks
Gladys Hemming
John Hemming
Liz Hemming
Reg Hemming
B J R Hemmings
Edwin Hill
John Hodgkins
Judith Jackson
Andrew James
Ann Jenkins
Ivy Jenkins
Cliff Keeler
Constance Lees
Denis Lees
Marjorie Lees
Donald Lloyd
Denis Majer
Joan Majer
Edith Marchant
Walter Marchant
Sharon Mathias
Janet McCaul
Tony McCaul
Flo McKinstry
Andrea Mendez
Juan Mendez
Maureen Meredith
Sandra Miller
Gordon Morris
Julia Morris
Joanna Mullett
David Newman
Patrick Newman
Norah O'Reilly
Pierce O'Reilly
Paul O'Shaughnessy
Joe Oxspring
Kerry Oxspring
Chris Palfrey
Effie Palfrey
Walter Palfrey
Philip Palin
Frank Pannett
Mary Pannett
Eva Peedell
William Peedell
Tony Perry
Joan Pittaway
Victor Pratt
Barbara Quarrell
James Quarrell
Peter Quarrell
Lillian  Raven
Sydney Raven
Garth Raymer
Allan Roberts
Ida Roberts
Ralph Roberts
Graham Robertson
Richard Schneider
Phil Shaw
William Shepherd
Edward Simms
Beatrice Skyrme
Audrey Smith
Ian Stokes
Francis Taipe
Betty Taylor
Fred (Fen) Taylor
Robert Willson Taylor
Terry Thornton
Frank William Thould
Fred Timms
Iris Timms
Richard Tinson
Gordon Turner
Fred Twigg
Mary Twigg
Doris Verrall
Ted Verrall
Gerald Webb
Peter Westby
Robin Ellis White
Paul Whitehouse
Beryl Whitwell
Eddie Whitwell
Robin Whitwell
Carole Winship
Michael Winship
John Stafford Wood
Marjorie Wood
Barry Young
Lynn Young

Our apologies for delays in posting names on this page. Many of the delays at the moment are caused by delays in the Postal Service. In addition, the names on this page are updated manually to ensure that there is no automatic posting of unsuitable material on the page. Please bear with us.

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