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Rotary "The World Over"

Have you ever wondered why Rotarians toast "Rotary the world over" at the end of their meetings?

Our meeting on Wednesday 17th August was a good example of why.

We were fortunate to be visited by two friends, both Rotarians, from different parts of the world.

Here they are with our President Richard Lees, who presented them with a banner for each to take back to their respective clubs. Jackie Holland (Right), is a member of Stafford Knot club and Mina Crisp (Centre) is a member of Whangerei South in North Island New Zealand.

Mina lived in New Zealand, and has recently moved to Flyford Flavell (not far from Pershore), but Mina still joins her Whangerei club meetings over Zoom. Fortunately, at the moment with summer time here and winter time in New Zealand her Zoom meetings start at a manageable 7am.

Zoom came into serious use by Rotary Clubs all round the world during Covid Lockdowns, and many clubs (including Pershore) managed to keep a schedule of regular meetings and charitable work and even fundraising activities all planned or acrried out on Zoom.

Pershore held a number of International meetings during Lockdown, and were very fortunate to have the worldwide President of Rotary, Holger Knaack join one of our meetings on 17th February 2020 on Zoom from his home in Germany. You can see the Zoom recording here

As Pershore members include Rotarians living in Eckington, near Pershore, we also held a joint Zoom meeting with Eckington in Derbyshire and Eckington in Washington DC!

Now that we are getting back to some normality, many clubs are still having at least some (if not all) of their business meetings over Zoom which helps those people who still need to shield from infection, but is also a sensible use of time and a green saving on resources.

All of Pershore Rotary main meetings continue to be shared on Zoom for this reason.

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