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We were there!

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

A sensational mixture of Welsh male voices and songs captivated the hearts of all those lucky enough to hear and see Johns’ Boys perform at Pershore Abbey on Saturday, 9th September.

The event, organised by Pershore Rotary in support of the Alzheimer’s Society, had had to be postponed for several months due to Johns’ Boys appearance on ITV’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ show this summer. But it was worth the wait because a packed-out Abbey cheered, clapped and gave the choir a standing ovation at the end of a memorable evening of songs from the opera, some traditional Welsh songs and a variety of others from musicals and films. Members of the choir sang solo pieces, a solo saxophone played, and we were entertained to a brilliant comedy version of ‘What shall we do with a drunken sailor?’.

Speaking on behalf of everyone, Pershore Rotary President, Lucy Thornton, thanked conductor, Aled Phillips, accompanist Glian Llwyd and all 30 plus members of Johns’ Boys for a wonderful evening. She warmly thanked the Abbey staff for their support, Mark Hamer representing the Alzheimer’s Society for his contribution and especially all those local businesses that had sponsored the concert.

Aled Phillips later said, "Thank you very much for having us and thank you for making us feel so at home at Pershore Abbey! I speak on behalf of all members of Johns’ Boys Choir, when I say I hope we'll be invited to perform again at Pershore Abbey in the very near future!!".

Many of us will remember the night in 2023 when Johns’ Boys played Pershore Abbey. We were there and what a spectacular night it was! Come back again soon Boys.

Thanks to the generosity of the audience through ticket sales and a collection in the Abbey, Pershore Rotary will be able to make a substantial donation to the Alzheimer’s Society’s research programme.

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