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Mark Chapman-Pincher talking at Rotary

Mark Chapman-Pincher will be talking at Pershore Rotary Club on Wednesday 2nd August.

Michael Chapman Pincher became an environmentalist and insect inspector following his exploits at sea. Known locally for his mole catching enterprise, Michael says ‘Rooting out moles is my family’s speciality’. Michael learned to catch moles as a youngster around the family home, but then went on to drama school to study the technical side of theatre, working in repertory theatres across the country. His life then took him into commerce, working overseas.

Now retired, Michael lives in Pershore and has recently written ‘Long Lost Log: Diary of a Virgin Sailor’. This is a story of a voyage of discovery, the loss of a logbook charting many adventures until, fifty years later, the diary re-surfaces during an attic clear out.

Michael’s propensity for rooting out problems comes from his father’s exploits hunting down post-war spies. As a defence correspondent for the Daily Express, Henry Chapman-Pincher developed his own style of investigative journalism, uncovering Cold War secrets and the stories of physicists who were unmasked as Soviet spies. Pincher obtained the title "spy catcher" after he exposed several people including George Blake.

Michael Chapman-Pincher was elected to Pershore Town Council in May 2019. He sits on the Amenities & Environment Committee, the Finance & Property Committee, the Cemetery Committee and assists in Emergency Planning. Cllr Chapman Pincher is also the Council representative for Citizens Advice Bureau, Pershore Riverside Youth Centre and Pershore Wellbeing Hub. He was elected Pershore’s Deputy Mayor in May 2023.

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