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Any old crutches?

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

One of our Rotarians, Lynne, had an accident in the garden earlier this year and broke the top of her tibia. This was duly plated and pinned successfully.

As part of the healing process, she had to wear a brace on her leg for three months. When the consultant removed the final brace, it was explained to her that the brace could not be re-cycled, and she could take it home as a souvenir!

Lynne thought it could be better used and through research discovered a charity called PhysioNet. This charity, supported by Rotary, collects redundant physio equipment, repairs if required and arranges transportation to other countries where it is needed.

Pershore Rotary decided to adopt the project and to collect redundant equipment from the local area.

If you have any equipment and you wish to donate it then please email, with your name and telephone number, a brief description of and we will get back to you.

Despite being the world’s largest minority, people with disabilities are often forgotten. On average, households with a disabled member experience higher rates of deprivation – including food insecurity, poor housing, lack of access to safe water and sanitation and inadequate access to health care. They may have extra costs for personal support or for medical care or assistive devices.

PhysioNet along with its network of enthusiastic volunteers, collects, repairs and packs medical equipment in the UK, to help the less fortunate around the world.

Information about the PhysioNet project will be posted on the Pershore Rotary Facebook page in the period up to its launch date of 18 October 2023 and for a period after. Past District Governor, Chris Firth, will speak about the project at the Pershore Rotary meeting on 18 October.

Find out more here

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