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Air Ambulance among the Winners at Worcester Races

Ten Pershore Rotarians and Inner Wheelers turned out for a great evening collecting for the Midlands Air Ambulance and Pershore Rotary charities at Worcester’s Pershore Plum Racenight on Tuesday, 1 August.

Michael Thomas, the Racecourse General Manager kindly gave the collectors free entry to the evening’s race meeting enabling all the proceeds ofthe collection to go to £344 for our nominated charities.

Pershore Rotary were there because it was Pershore Plum Racenight, and prizes were also given for entrants in the best plum outfits. Pershore purple and yellow plums were both represented there.

Racegoing winners were happy to share some of their winnings with us, and the less lucky ones still pleased to support the deserving charities from what they had left in their pockets and purses.

Thanks to all that generosity and the rattling of buckets, £344 is on its way to the nominated charities including Midlands Air Ambulance.

Photos by Peter Gardner

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