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George's Community Service award

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Many of us will remember young George, his dad Mick, and their stand in Chapman Court to raise money for the Ukraine refugee crisis appeal back in March 2022. On that occasion, George raised £690.99 from the sale of yellow and blue ribbons and various plants and asked that the money be added to the funds raised by Pershore Rotary, which eventually amounted to over £6,200.

Well, George was back again in Chapman Court on Sunday, 7th August with more ribbons to sell. Over the course of a few hours he raised £73.34 for Ukraine's refugees and plans to continue collecting whenever time allows. Parents Mick and Sophie are naturally very proud of George and his concern for the refugees.

Recognizing his dedicated support for the Ukrainian people and commitment to raising money for their support, President Richard Lees presented George with a President's Community Service Citation in Chapman Court on Sunday, 7th August.

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1 Comment

Carol Rosier
Carol Rosier
Aug 15, 2022

George sets up a plant stall in Wyre Piddle every weekend - it gives the residents much pleasure.

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